Diversity (an old page from the nature gallery)

You being all of you contributes to the success of the groups, communities, and teams to which you belong as well as the survival of the human race.  When we are all the same, our ability to change and transform, to be ingenious and creative, and to evolve in many different ways, is severely depleted.

Diversity is measured by the number of different elements in a system AND the difference within each species

Each species has a role in the ecosystem on which other organisms depend for survival. If there are a lot of different species it means that if one species disappears there are still many more to depend on for the proper functioning of the ecosystem.

The same applies to the number of organisms of one species, if there is a big number it means that if some are lost there are still many to depend on to fulfill their role.

MOST importantly, when there is a big number of individuals of one species, it is likely that the genetic pool is quite diverse.  This diversity gives the species the greatest chance of surviving changes in the environment, meeting difficult challenges, and finding innovative solutions to difficult problems.  A diverse group means many possibilities for evolution making such a system highly creative, resilient, and strong.

What does diversity mean to you?  Why is it important?

How can we use diversity to make ourselves stronger in challenging times?











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