welcome welcome welcome

to login:

make sure you head to the basecamp or look at the top bar for the login/subscribe link.

next click the join us button in red

this will take you to the membership overview in the shop. simply select subscribe now to be taken to the next stage

now here is the important part: the second alert prompts you to enter your coupon code. By doing this here you do not need to provide us with a payment method, although you will need to still give us an address as part of your profile set up.

and voila!

you are now in your user dashboard from here you now have access to all 3 journeys.

If you need any additional support or have any concerns, comments, or great jokes, feel free to reach out to maya@thenewearthworks.com (or however we have been speaking to you up until this point. potentially email, whatsapp, snail mail, carrier pigeon, or intuitive vibes)