loads of individual steps and group efforts come together to create the new earth . we learn by doing. here are four community/ micro-enterprises we are developing. if you would like to start, share, or join one please contact us.

self-directed, personalised ways to dip your toe in the world of your self and your voice

empowering campaigns

we use every form of creativity to guide young people to themselves and their voice – get some hands on exploration of the practices and tools we need to take back our power and use it as a force for good. classrooms, youth groups, and collections of young people looking for ways to really get stuck in – get in touch now.

ultimate retail therapy – consumer power as a force for good

hands-on community education

one things for sure. what and how we consume needs to change. we’ve got exciting fundraising opportunities and inspiring interactive learning. groups of friends, organisations, social enterprises: partner with like minded people. handcraft something new. if you would like to get stuck in contact us.

showcase your voice, your ideas, and your talents


collaborative trying for anyone who wants to try anything. inspiring possibilities for audiences everywhere. interactive. real

if you don’t know where you came from you don’t know where you are going. we’re exploring where we are. how we got here. and what’s next. voicefully. inspiringly. interactively. to help make a get-together in your community please contact us.

spread the word and help people learn about strategies, ideas, and other ways we can create change.

new earth catalogue

what can we do/are we doing to create a more inclusive, equitable, human, and sustainable way of living. how are these ideas becoming real. and what can we do to help. to join our communal catalogue contact us.





For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.