Everyone learns something from real collaboration. The process of subordinating oneself to the needs of something bigger has all kind of positive effects.  We are experimenting with both live and online groupwork here.

If you have something you’d like our members to groupwork you can submit it below.

Open groupwork waiting for contribution can be found here.

For groupwork to work we ask that you put yourself aside and make the success of the project under discussion the most important thing.  Pretend you own the project and want to make it a success.  What would you do?  Asking for the help of the group is a courageous step into the unknown.  It goes without saying…. no biting, no throwing things, no negative comments please.

ideas to action

one of the most challenging parts of heading out on an alternative path is going from the dream to reality.  what can be done to make taking those first steps a little easier?

going live

Interactive galleries, community projects, immersive installations, or learning cafes can help to spread new ideas far and wide but they are especially challenged financially when they try to access space.  Because of the price of real estate many new startups struggle for space.  At new we love live experiences but struggle under the weight of […]

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    Live groupwork means a live meetup online to hash everything out. Live groupworks will usually last about one hour. Online groupwork means we'll open it up and people can add their contributions to the comments. We'll usually keep those live for several weeks.
  • Outline the situation, any relevant details and/or background information or any limitations to the groupwork