what do you stand for?





To learn more about your part speak it:

How do you articulate your part? What does it mean? What’s your bit? (start with a low risk forum – see what comes out and how it feels when you try. then try again)







articulate. reflect. revise. redo.

begin with your lived experience. the things that we have the power to change. everyday actions that can make a difference. interview anyone. speak to your friends. share something online. go round and round this cycle until you have built your confidence and found your focus.

worry less about what others think – more how it feels to you. as you connect to your voice you will feel it: a spark. a small moment of joy as a tiny bit of you begins to unfold.

this feeling is the start of something new. chase it. 

Our sharing gallery below can get you started. Send out the ones you like. Heart the memes that matter to you (switch the like items toggle to make your own curated collection.) Feel free to add more.

P.S. Banging people on the head with what’s broken isn’t helpful. Focus on the choices we can make and the things we can do to make things better.