stand up

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Learn more about your thing by sharing your voice and seeing how it feels:

Forward. Organise. Contemplate. Consider. Feel. Love. Let your gut help you find what resonates with you. What matters to you?  What’s in your heart? What will you stand up for? (it is always good to start with a low risk forum – see what comes out and how it feels when you try)

write, draw, research, and share something about your part from the library below. (don’t forget to tag us.)  Heart the memes that matter to you  and switch the like button to make your own curated collection.









interact on social media. speak up about the thing that matters to you. test your views. collect some information. see how it feels. go round and round this cycle to focus your direction:

articulate. reflect. revise. redo.

interview someone. speak to your friends. share something online. as close in on your part you will feel something. a spark. a small moment of joy as a tiny bit of you begins to unfold.  this feeling is the start of something new. chase it.

stand up. speak your truth.

milestone: here

By this point you should be on your on your way.  Enjoy the joy of self direction. next stop:  stake your claim