things aren’t going to plan.

you’re stuck. you lost your motivation; the will to continue; the flow
the effort isn’t having the intended effect. it doesn’t feel right. it doesn’t look right.

it isn’t what you want. you don’t like it.

people aren’t interested. they didn’t share your enthusiam. you felt alone, lost, or humiliated.


So many efforts go down at design phase when a few changes would have got it right. if you haven’t actually tried you might want to try now. if you have tried or can’t you will probably be revisiting your design and the path that led you there.

rinse and repeat here:


Charlie Day

What is Sucess Without Failure

Oprah Winfrey

'There are no mistakes'

J.K. Rowling

The Benefits of Failure

Re-inform yourself

Gather some new information, revisit your research, review your data.

Re-connect to your peeps

Who, what, where, how, why revisited

Re-connect to you

Go back to your original intentions, energy and/or reasons for your efforts.


Take a moment to reflect on your effort.


Take a short break and let things settle down.
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