Almost half of the world’s food is thrown away

(Institute of Mechanical Engineers, 2012)

We already grow enough food to feed 10 bn people

(journal of sustainable agriculture 2012)

facts and opportunities


Industrial agriculture with its reliance on fossil fuels, fertilisers, and mass production does not produce more per hectare. (UN FAO)

Small, diversified farms produce more than twice as much food per acre than large farms do. (1992 agricultural census report)

Yet industrial agriculture gets 80% of subsidies and 90% of research funds. (UN FAO)

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The US throws out 133 billion pounds of food every year – more than enough to feed the 50 million Americans who are food insecure.

food sharing

Additives and hidden sugars can cause diabetes: The number of people with diabetes has risen from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. (WHO)



small farms employ more people

Organic farming can feed the world’s poor, while at the same time addressing issues of poverty and environmental degradation. The world needs to reorient itself towards small scale, locally adapted agriculture as a viable solution instead of large scale techno fixes that benefit a few. (Worldwatch Institute)

two billion small farmers produce 70 percent of the food we eat.

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