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good human skills          fight conflict                                               
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your vague idea may be someone else’s perfect moment of synchronicity. everyone’s unique part – previous experience – and superpowers come together and make everything come alive. how things happen changes when we work together to break new ground. share something. reach out. help everyone be better.

how we work

group flow. maximise for self AND others. cultivate interdependence. share. breathe. be kind. be generous. be part of something bigger.

However big or small – find some ways to ground your efforts in the hive mind. get inspired. keep going.

our good human skills

in the hive we work differently – doing what each of us needs to do on our path while enabling others to do the same.  when we get stuck or feel bad we return to our good human skills and a gentler time when kindness, generosity, honesty, forgiveness, gratitude, and truth mattered

explore our good human skills here

conflict transformation

the extreme competition of our current system blocks much of the power of us. we stand on each other to reach the top. we disregard feelings. we become conflict, identifying with it and cultivating habits that inflame it rather than using it as a stepping stone to something better for all of us. there are new and better ways to organise, structure, and build culture that maximises the whole for all the parts.


fight conflict. make peace.





collaborative work experiences

Ready to jump in and contribute to one of our projects in progress.  Want to practice some skills or need some?

This the frontline as we try, experiment, and most importantly support each other as we learn how to channel the power of us into a new world.  join the hive here.








member support

Have an idea or trying to do something.  Stuck?  Need help, some guidance, or a metaphoric kick?  We’re right behind you. If you need anything at all please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll do our best:
email: help@thenewearthworks.com