be who you are. do what you love.




the most exciting evolution the world has ever seen has already begun as global citizens everywhere seek new ways to live, work, and be that are more in harmony with each other and the earth.

(our out of control, unsustainable, & unconscious global economic machine needs help so that it can evolve into something better for everyone)

why here
everyone has a part to play in this brave new world. get the skills, facts, inspiration & motivation you need to play yours here.

we work cooperatively on behalf of ourselves and each other. the future is what each of us do next. every effort however big or small matters.






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work shop is run by WeAreLiLA, a not-for-profit community interest company registered in the United Kingdom.





IF indeed I am all that I am

then everything is in me

and then me – and my liberty – to breathe

to run – to read – to think – to choose

(UNLESS this materially affects the common good)

must be preserved.


this is the future of humanity

this. and our awareness of it.

a large percentage of this is so personal.

so you have to do the work yourself. to try and get closer.

to the heart of home. to the practices you need to get there. to the root of everything. and the healing of the wounds that separate you.  from you.


because every thing is a part of every other thing.
ultimately it all blends into one. your healing and all the healing.

is the key to the kingdom.


one wound. one healing. one grounding. one soul manifesting.

process that please.


and then the questions become

what do I believe?

what do I want to do?

what shall I heal?

because my agency as this free individual is my own and the world is mine

and then the question becomes

what did I do?