every evolution starts with one

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every evolution starts with one

we can use our super powers, what comes naturally, and the power of us to create something better in our lives and the world. discover something new about yourself as you redeploy our good human skills and our communal power as a force for good in our lives and the world.

You can’t find your your path and your part by thinking about it. The unfolding comes from the doing.

uncover something new about your self and your place in these changing times. be informed. share. the future is what each of us do next. individually and together. every effort however big or small counts towards something new.

P.S. WeAreLiLA is a registered not for profit community interest company


This is the world, right now, as we know it

It’s clear we need to transform our out of control, unsustainable, & unconscious global economic machine into something that is more aligned with the web of life, people, and a better planet for everyone.

If you want to know where you’re going you have to know where you came from.

we start with the story of the one size fits all global economic machine that we made with our labour, shopping, votes, and money – the one that is no longer working for most of those it was built to serve.

find yours

every human is born for a reason

why are you here?

(more living, working, & acting in alignment with the earth, each other, & everything)





in our natural world change is the permanent feature: constant and evolving. change can be abrupt. or gradual. big and bold or quiet and gentle.  what does your evolution look like?

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