refuse. rebut. resist. jump in. experiment. collaborate. reclaim. contribute. make. share.

tiny acts: new earth rising

everyday millions of us wake up. we eat and drink. we might go to school or work.  or help others. we buy food. we use a phone and a bank. we consume media. we shop. we go out. we travel. we chat with our friends.

without some of these actions humans could not live. companies would not be built. some communities might not exist. our global economy would certainly cease to function.

at times it may feel like we are ants but in actual fact ants have tremendous power


the problem is absolutely not that we do these things.  it is HOW we do them.


is all this time, money, and effort part of a fair and just global economy for all – or are we inadvertently enabling a system that disconnects us from ourselves,  each other, and the earth, while taking advantage of the many to benefit the few?


at our hand the global industrial machine and its profit munching madness is threatening the foundations of our humanity.

join a truly unique experiment as we gather together to figure out how we can use our good human skills to find something better.








a more connected, humane, and fair system of living, working, and being is possible: one tiny act at a time we can make our way to an infinitely more peaceful, meaningful, and sustainable way of life for everyone who is up for it.

the only question is how?

everyone has their own path back to themselves, each other, and the earth.

a small part of our broken world belongs to each of us.

what part of a new earth rising is yours?




every evolution starts with one:  find your part and your path to a new earth rising. citizen journalists, creative cats, budding social entrepreneurs, social media nuts, good idea people, producers, make it happen peeps, and community organisers:

we’re building a network of tiny acts, best practices, good ideas, and loads of trek support:

an energising multimedia collaboration has been planned and you are invited.  figure out how to get your act off the ground in the company of like-minded travellers on their own road less travelled. skill swap. contribute. mentor. explore. collect. share. help others to do the same.



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flow on said the trees.

their roots reached far into the ground from where they connected with all the other living things down there.
flow on they said. as they converted all that energy to make some much needed shade for my hot and tired limbs.

flow on said the trees as they cared for each other – sharing food with sick trees, and turning carbon dioxide into oxygen for everyone.
flow on they said as they dropped a sweet orange at my feet.

as I listened I heard them sharing the mysterious secrets of life and everything.

flow on they said. life is short. there are things to see and beauty to be made. be strong. there are seeds to be sown and games to be played.
with the leaves. and the wind.




no two trees are the same.

everyone has their own path back to the earth. and their own way of getting their.  find yours.

fellow humans. like the ground on which we walk, we are so much more than we appear to be. fantastic seeds of evolution are sprouting. and the time is now.