every evolution starts with one





(of course we absolutely did not mean to build a one size fits all global economic machine that is now causing all kinds of problems in our diverse, many sizes fits many, post globalised world)

but we absolutely did and now we need our help so that we can evolve ourselves and it into something that serves more people  and our precious planet.


the evolution will not be televised

globally minded citizens everywhere are seeking new ways to live, work, and be that are less destructive to people and planet.





everyone has a part to play in this brave new world.

what’s yours?


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the lack of harmony we feel with the earth, the trees, ourselves, and each other, is the immbalance that must be righted.

to re-balance the world with our nature and nature: this is potential. this is the future of humanity.

a large percentage of this is so personal. so you have to do the work yourself. to get closer to your piece in the game. the practices you need to get there. to the root of you. and the healing of the wounds that separate you. from you. and everything.

because we now know that every thing is a part of every other thing. and ultimately all that difference joins together into one web of life. but not before it knows what it is so it can do that.

what do I bring? what injustice do i perceive? what do I love? what do I heal?

when I bring my piece of humanity back into harmony with everything the world is mine

fellow humans.  the time is now. like the ground on which we walk, we are so much more than we appear to be. fantastic seeds of evolution are sprouting. which ones are yours?






what new directions are emerging in the world?