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every evolution starts with one

Our world is need of global citizens ready to use their super powers, what comes naturally, and the power of us to create something better in our lives and the world. Discover something new about yourself as you redeploy our good human skills and our communal power as a force for good in our lives and the world.

You can’t find your your path and your part by thinking about it. The unfolding comes from the doing. Through these efforts our true self is revealed.




join us and experience the energy of real collaboration. uncover something new about your self and your place in these changing times. contribute to someone else’s self directed, self knowledge. be informed.  share.  the future is what each of us do next. individually and together. every effort however big or small counts towards something new.

P.S. WeAreLiLA belongs to everyone who contributes to it and is a registered not for profit community interest company

every action, startup, expression, purchase, click, investment, creation, like, helping hand, connection, service, product, referral, donation, and hour of work we do is our power.

use it to transform our out of control, unsustainable, & unconscious global economic machine into something that is more aligned with the web of life, deeper living and a better planet for everyone.

 everyone has a part. follow your nose. find yours.

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what calls you

explore these emerging directions towards a more aligned and connected way of living, working, and being:







give and get

we are all about rolling up our sleeves and getting into the DIY of new living: how to – partnerships – village enterprise – referrals – advice – stuff that needs help – people looking for help etc.  tell us what you need here

this is all new and we are learning.  if you are looking for general trip advice please do not hesitate to get in touch.  building this community is our part and we have resources and are ready to share.