(every evolution starts with one)




with 80% of the world living on less than $10* per day, a climate in change, and our humanity in crisis, the way we are living isn’t really working for most people.
*Credit Suisse Wealth Report

beyond the study work shop die objective and the planet wrecking global economic machine it fuels is the possibility of something infinitely more fulfilling and sustainable for everyone involved.
more alignment with the energy that connects every living thing. less disconnection. more difference. less one size fits all.  more new ways that work for more people. less everything to the very few.

find the way back to more connection to the powerful energy of life, more you, and a more sustainable way of being.

vancouver, BC based peeps

everything is connected


a hands on learning by doing adventure about realigning some of our unique nature with the web of life instead of the one size fits all global industrial complex that is killing us all.

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everyone has their own path. and their own way of walking.

explore yours

the lack of harmony I feel with the earth, the trees, ourselves, and each other, is the imbalance to right.

to re-balance, my nature, and with nature: this is untapped potential. and the future of the human race.

a large percentage of this is so personal. I own it. and go my way. to get closer to my heart and my piece in the game. what do I need to get there? to the root of me. and the healing of the wounds that separate me. from me. and everything.

because I now know that every little thing is a part of every other thing. and ultimately all that difference joins together into one web of life.

what do I bring? what do I love? what do I heal?

when I bring my piece of humanity back into harmony with everything the world is mine


fellow humans. the time is now. like the ground on which we walk, we are so much more than we appear to be. fantastic seeds of evolution are sprouting. which ones are yours?