an experiment is worth a thousand expert opinions





create something new in your life. the unfolding comes from the doing.

align your superpowers with the something bigger to which we all belong. each tiny step matters: uncover your self. redeploy your good human skills. use our communal power as a force for good.


find your place in these changing times. be informed. share. the future is what each of us do next. individually and together. every effort however big or small really matters.

P.S. all workshop activities and experiences are offered on a not for profit community interest basis


If you want to know where you’re going you have to know where you came from….

start with the story of us

the one size fits all global economic machine that we made with our labour, shopping, voting, time, and money, the one that is no longer working for most of those it was built to serve.

most people realise we need to evolve our out of control, unsustainable, & unconscious global economic machine towards something that is more in harmony with the web of life, people, and planet.

find out more about why here

every human is born for a reason

find yours

why are you here?





(more living, working, and being in alignment with ourselves, each other, the earth, & the force of life itself)