(every evolution starts with one)





(you don’t have to join the one size fits all study work shop die rat race and the global economic machine it fuels. if you are looking for something infinitely more invigorating and worthwhile read on…)

let’s face the facts: the way we are currently living isn’t really  working . the journey back to a way that is more in harmony with the web of life is more sustainable and also way more fun


(the evolution will not be televised)
globally minded humans everywhere are finding new ways to live and work that are more aligned with who they are, life, the universe, and everything.






everyone who wants to is invited to join this life-changing journey back to life in harmony with life and free from the constraints of the one size fits all world that works for almost no one.

the question is how?


align your life with the energy of life and find out




the lack of harmony I feel with the earth, the trees, ourselves, and each other, is the imbalance to right.

to re-balance-my nature-and with nature: this is potential. and the future of humanity.

a large percentage of this is so personal. I own it. and go my way. to get closer to my heart and my piece in the game. what do I need to get there? to the root of me. and the healing of the wounds that separate me. from me. and everything.

because I now know that every little thing is a part of every other thing. and ultimately all that difference joins together into one web of life.

what do I bring? what do I love? what do I heal?

when I bring my piece of humanity back into harmony with everything the world is mine

fellow humans. the time is now. like the ground on which we walk, we are so much more than we appear to be. fantastic seeds of evolution are sprouting. which ones are yours?