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this is a learning by doing experience like no other. throw your self in. learn by doing.  practice skills.  discover a ton of stuff about yourself. all while managing the hive mind that keeps our experiences free and accessible for everyone.

  • To join the crew we work together to search for a fit. You share some of the experiences you are hoping for while we find a contribution for you to make as we launch immersive experiences, theatre, campaigns, workshop, or micro-enterprises all with the objective of inspiring people to discover, learn, and cultivate the skills they need to be part of a new earth rising. A variety of flexible experiences are available depending on our mutual needs. If we can find a fit that works you will be invited to join us. (The crew is a non-monetary exchange of skills but bursaries, and honorariums are available to ensure inclusive participation.)
  • tell us a little bit more about your loves, your thing, your you. do you prefer working with your hands? Is there something in the world that you want to fix? any and all answers are cool with us. let us figure it out from there.
  • writing samples, video links, online portfolios, social media or anything else you do that you'd like to share
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