throw yourself into a life changing adventure like no other

our live/online collaborations are gathering now. in a world where humanity is under threat and talk is cheap we are reconnecting to ourselves and the earth and grabbing back the skills that have enabled humans to survive and thrive for millenia.

create. collaborate. devise. experiment.  learn by doing.  all while being part of the hive mind that keeps our efforts cooperative, supported, and fun. spread positive energy everywhere.






join a live or online communal making adventure.  tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll let you know what we’ve got going that you might like.

(to get the most out of this adventure we recommend one month or more)

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To join us we work together to get to know each other and find the right fit. You share some of the experiences you are hoping for while we find a contribution for you to make as we launch immersive experiences, applied theatre, campaigns, collaborative learning and more all with the objective of reconnecting to the earth, cultivating our good human skills, and reclaiming our humanity. A variety of online and live flexible experiences are available. We're looking for mutual vibes. (Our experiences are a non-monetary exchange of skills and learning but bursaries, and honorariums are available to ensure everyone who wants to join us can)
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tell us a little bit more about whatever you feel like talking about. what do you love? what's going on? is there something broken that is calling you? any informatio you feel like sharing is cool with us. we can figure it out from there.
we're a make tank so writing samples, video links, online portfolios, social media, random photos, or anything else you do that you'd like to share can be included here
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