team LiLA




inside all of us are the seeds of something new.

what happens when humanity replaces profit as the core of the mission? allow your difference to become your strength. learn by doing. get in the flow. and enable others to do the same.

our online adventures are now open. we’re also making live labs and immersive events in Vancouver, British Columbia from November 1st to February 28th, 2023.
more details below:





join a live making:

lovers of graphic design, communications super heros, natural born copy writers, and social media wizards – 

an awesome voyage of self discovery is ready to depart:
experience the freedom of self direction, balance, and radical self love. design ways to express these critical abilities in our lives and the world. help others to do the same.
spread positive energy everywhere.

we are born with skills, confidence, and natural abilities suppressed by a money at all costs way of living. what do we have to express and contribute when we are not on the study work shop die path? the road less travelled is mesmerising and joy full. everyone has a part to play in the web of life.

find your heart. soul. part. path. and so much more.





emerging theatre artists, poets, producers, creative peeps, and event makers:

an expedition to the exhilarating energy of oneness, interdependence, and the something bigger to which we all belong:

how do you create and express this raw power in your life and the world? uncover life-changing perspectives. surf the waves of this constantly evolving energy, and help others to do the same.

love the world. save the people. everything’s connected.


build something new:

new grads looking for an immersive challenge – new direction – or learning by doing team experience…

our making hive is open:

whether you are in between gigs, concerned about the planet, not sure what’s next, feeling despondent, or just plain curious, our 6-12 week travelling roadshow productions are life changing, seriously fun, and accepting new applications on a rolling basis.

live and online team experiences open now

committed to new being?

our learning by doing network of experienced coaches, healers, and den mothers are available to provide listening, network connections, expertise, and guidance. be brave. reach out. everyone learns as we support each other to move forward during these crazy times.

join our road less travelled collective. let us know what you need:





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