extreme team. interdependence. positive energy. US.


this is human adventuring like no other: the opportunity to cultivate a new way of organising ourselves that is more creative, interesting, and enjoyable, not to mention productive. our good human skills are waiting.

join us live or online for a month or more:

reconnect in our evolutionary learning labs
uncover what interdependence means to you
learn by doing
make multidisciplinary media
experience the power of real collaboration
and the magic of limitless flow

(we can show you how)





we’re going beyond what’s not working: the conflict, anxiety, unkindness, and stalemate of the old world, to seek a future for US by changing our objectives, the way we make stuff, how we work together, and so much more.

looking for a new direction and some awesome like minded peeps to journey with?

we’re starting, producing, and spreading positive energy everywhere.

experience the make tank for 1 month or 1 year.  if you would like to harness your good human skills, who you really are, and the power of us, then you’re invited.  leave your old perspectives behind, make tons of mistakes, and learn by doing.

awakening global citizens, doers, producers, startup peeps, and curious cats of all kinds welcome.

let the trail blazing begin.






make media, create a roadshow, commune at our retreat in Bali, Indonesia

creatives interested in exploring the raw power of interdependence, the energy of oneness, and the something bigger that connects us all are invited to join the collaboration. surf the waves of this constantly evolving energy. help others to do the same. our live/online event is in making mode now and a variety of residencies are available.


love the world. save the people. everything’s connected.


whether you are a ]make it happen peep, performer, maker, or motivated work in progress, we’ve got loads of cool stuff to do all with the purpose of reconnecting to our good human skills and watching the new emerge.  exciting voyages await:  metaphoric jungles to cut through, humans to hang with, creative journeys to be had, and brand new paths to forge.


need more information.  not sure what this is all about.  want some tea?

whatsapp.  email.  or send us a sign.  we’re hear to listen and can usually figure something out.  bursaries available.  jokes welcome. all good. we look forward to hearing from you.

whatsapp: +447984991427