we provide trek support for everyone in our community through a unique live/online collaboration and learning by doing experience. this is extreme human adventuring like no other: the opportunity to share, care, and cultivate the precious community we are building together: research, analyse, promote, manage. hold the space for inspiring voyages of self discovery. host gorgeous events and makings.  experience the power of cooperative learning by doing. use our good human skills to do better than our current money at all costs, one size fits all way of doing things. spread positive energy everywhere.

(if you need immediate trek support please reach out by email to trek@theNewEarthWorks.com or by whatsapp to +447572326372 . you can also contact us here)





the way we are living and working is unsustainable.  already know its time for change and looking for a new direction? hoping there might be another way? believe the future of humanity, the planet, or our good human skills matter? ready to engage with your true human potential and enable others to do the same?

trailblazers needed now

throw yourself into a hands-on learning by doing experience and uncover tons about you, your part, and some unique possibilities for the road ahead. virtual and wherever we are options available:






looking for more some inspiration for your artistic/creative skills?

emerging theatre makers, poets, video artists, producers, creative peeps, and event makers:

dive into the deep of the web of life, the energy of oneness, and the something bigger to which we all belong.

how do you create and express this raw power in your life and the world? uncover life-changing perspectives. surf the waves of this constantly evolving energy. help others to do the same. join a mesmerising

love the world. save the people. everything’s connected.

see you there.