we have only begun to scratch the surface of the  power we have – as individuals and groups –  to be extraordinary.

inside every human there is a seed of something awesome.

our expeditions immerse lucky participants in an experience like no other: uncover your hidden superpowers. innate skills.  natural talents. funny jokes. and creative inspiration plus new ways to channel all that energy into life-changing moments for everyone involved.




(in our spare time we make interactive media about awesome, self directed, living, and creating in partnership with the ongoing evolution of the energy of life itself)

join an expedition

and embark on a wild ride of connected being and creative change:

Our hands on, experiences are practical, challenging, and transforming.  Like all of us no two experiences are alike: use your you, your knowingness, and your intuition like you never have before. learn about yourself and your part and create tons of positive energy for everyone involved.

theatre peeps, poets, performers, crafters, puppetmakers, writers, and musicians of all forms and sizes – the big tent at

creative circus

is open. make radical oneness experiences for others jammed full of the secrets and magic of the web of life. grab some basic human healing, some positive energy, or a new direction. everything’s connected. what goes around really does come around.

the ultimate journey is the journey within: our guide is ready for testing. refining and exploring. calling community artists, healers, peace keepers, and excellent tea makers:

peace camp

is balancing. seeking space beyond two sides. minimising what isn’t true. just peace. or at least a worthwhile journey towards it.

makers, producers, graphic designers, writers, communicators, social media wizards, videographers, and make-it-happen peeps

hive mind

is in startup mode. research; design; listen; launch; speak; make; share; and more.  what do you love? what do you bring? learn by doing. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. find your new path now.

dive into the deep of a more self directed, sustainable way of living, creating, and being


whether you are in between gigs, concerned about the planet, not sure what’s next, totally inspired, or just plain curious, our 6-12 week expeditions are life changing and now accepting new applications on a rolling basis. live and online experiences are available.

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