Our vision is

a world where the full potential of people is activated as a means of creating a better world for everyone

Our mission is

to enable people to connect to their energy and use this power as force for good in their lives and the world

We value

our good human skills, logic AND intuition, collaboration, creativity, and citizen- led enterprise

We love

the raw and largely untapped power of people and the many acts of collective beauty of all shapes and sizes that are possible from this unending reservoir of pure human energy. It’s a serious trip.

our contributors

We have had the honour of collaborating with a diverse group of talented individuals.

A huge shout out to them:

Kathryn Driscoll | Sara Mononen | Sarah Ball  | Rebecca Penrose  | Elena Rizal  | Naomi Solomon  | Anna Healey  | Fin Ross Russell | Yana Tumakova  | Saerah Suyasa  | Georgina Massouraki  | Chris Silver  | Sarah Goldsmith  | Nuria Boj  | Juan Jose Avila Sanchez  | Effie Pechlivani  | Sergio Lopez Cerron  | Neus Ramos Munne  | Maider Ibarra Rodriguez | Songze Wu  | Aiva Storostnieka  | Ane Arenaza  | Naia Arias Larreategui | Amaia Larranaga | Manuel Loeffler | Pauline Millet | Irati Andono | Radina Atanasova | Sarya Wu | Ruthelise Snowe | Heeyoung Park  | Bettina Van Meter

and to the thousands of brave, open minded people from all over the world who have taken the time to help us, create things with us, attend our events, join a performance, and contribute so much to our experiments and the insights they have uncovered.

foundations laid by


Jac’s commitment to creating change through people has spanned her entire career.  Whether launching a platform to help companies release the full potential of their workforce or launching self directed learning environments for young people, her passion is mobilising the power of people as a force for good in our lives and the world.  In addition to her work with NEW, Jac co-founded a grassroots aid organisation to rebuild the south coast of Sri Lanka after the tsunami, helped create a sustainable marketing plan for the Earth College in Costa Rica, and launched a successful community theatre company in Bali. Before becoming a social entrepreneur, Jac spent seven years at Bain & Co. working as a global strategy consultant for multi-nationals in the US, Europe and Asia. She studied psychology at the London School of Economics and Management at the MIT Sloan School.  Jac is  based between the multi-cultural wonderland of central London and a small village in rural Bali, Indonesia where she lives with her four excellent dogs and a number of important bugs.


Maya joined the New Earth Works to learn entrepreneurship as part of her self schooling curriculum and immediately fell in love with the combination of creative arts, activism, and alternative learning.  She loves applying her creative skills to building immersive installations, creating social media, making live performances, and designing products

In addition to her love of all things visual, she performs on stage, and practices aerial silks, dance, and film-making. She love dogs, using her imagination to think up crazy ideas, and her production capability to make them real.  In addition to her work at the new earth works she is a student at Central St. Martins in London where she is studying performance design and practice.

Bali production team

At our studios in Bali we start and finish much of our creative work.  We also host learning experiences, community events, and general creative chaos.  None of this would be possible without this amazing team who we love, respect, and care for very deeply. This is our family.

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our how

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