A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

(Albert Einstein)



looking for some serious inspiration? 

connect to the web of life and experience the mesmerising world of something bigger. use your perspective to bring more meaning to your life and more positive energy to the world. everyone has a part to play in this stunning, interdependent masterpiece.

life is deep. wake up. dive in.

(to explore the oneness click on the icons below. you are looking for the expressions that resonate with you. let your intuition be your guide. at the end you are invited to respond to the galleries with your own expression. )




creative responses needed

our resident creatives are making galleries about US – our journey, our diversity, collective power, and more. contribute your skills and talents and give everyone the opportunity to experience the magic of us and the elusive something bigger to which we all belong below.

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throw yourself in and see what happens. there are no wrong answers. in the oneness everybody wins….





experience the sultanare journey – worldwide vibes |  fusion beats | new world.  join the magic carpet ride to somewhere new. find out more here.

sultanare meets the oneness collective

Accompanied by mesmerising soundtracks created by our resident sound guru Jake Chin, we invite submissions of moving images, animations, short films, or collage around the topic of oneness,  the interconnectedness of everything, and the web of life.  What does the something bigger to which we all belong mean to you?

  • Still from: mountains (by Lola)
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talking heads with Jida

our collective diversity is our greatest strength. every life is a part of it. where do you come from? what’s your journey? share an aspect of your difference here.

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part designer, part theatre maker, part production guru, our third culture artist Jida Akil is Syrian Lebanese and lives in Cyprus.




estella jrc & the forest fete

trees are experts at oneness. through a complex interconnected system of roots and fungus all the trees of the world are connected and depend on one another for many things. contribute your writing poetry, quotes, thoughts or something visual (sketch, photography, print, fingerpaint etc.) about a tree or the trees. we’ll match them together for the ultimate forest collab.

  • Photo by Jacintha

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illustrator, painter, and general lover of all things forest, &*( ##$% channels the trees and puts words to their wisdom