£100.00 / year

The way we live and work is killing us and the web of life that keeps us alive. Help us find new ways to live, work, and be. Uncover new directions.  Produce and create.  Make stuff happen. This is the part where, under pressure, we rise.


We are a truly innovative and evolving collaboration – more than the sum of our parts – that thing that happens when humans are allowed to be all that they can be.  Join a life-changing journey here:

cosmic LiLA (your way to your real self. super powers. and more.)

LiLA live (the interconnected something bigger to which we all belong.)

we are LiLA (find your part and your path. make stuff happen.)

(we’re looking for collaborators to help test this learning so we can share it with as many people as we can, if you can help send us an email and we’ll give you access)