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We have one online lab and one yearly subscription. Both are a combination of loads of research and the input of thousands of people around the world who helped us figure out what mattered, where we need to go, and how we might get there.

The online lab is in two parts:


what is keeping you from experiencing more of you and your energy in your life and the world

explore, discover, release, as you surf through our carefully curated practices for unblocking and reconnecting.  The result is all kinds of positive energy, new directions, and inspiration. Unblock is a synthesis of the very best tools for the job. You’ll find all the elements you need to put yourself in the drivers seat, but how you put your trip together is yours to uncover.

make it happen

the change we make today defines the future we create tomorrow

make it happen is a journey between now and the extraordinary potential of a future in a different world. This part of our online lab harnesses our super powers, our intuition, and our natural born talents – and combines this magic with the very real energy of step by step change. This is a doing and being game, not a thinking one.

connect. experience. imagine. try. change. that’s the journey here.

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full lab access: £30.00


our online network is run as a 100% not for profit community interest effort. more about membership below:


transformation is a team sport

WeAreLiLA is an experimental collaboration for global citizens who would like to contribute a part of themselves, their energy, and their superpowers to a new earth. Serve the common good. Get informed. Share. Connect. Collaborate. and of course Act. as we connect to that something bigger to which we all belong.

yearly membership: £12.00

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Not sure which direction is right for you? We can help you find the right one: contact us here