handwoven. hand-dyed. handmade.
from 100% natural raw materials and the Awesome Beauty of Planet earth.

Unearthed is a carefully assembled collection of environmentally and socially sustainable homewares that echo the form and vibrancy of nature while working in harmony with the planet.

Our products are manufactured in small, low intensity factories that use minimal energy, preserve important skills and provide economic value and sustainable livelihoods to our extremely proficient artisans and craftspeople.  The entrepreneurs we work are all committed to using business as a force for positive change,  making investments in their local community from training and development, to housing, healthcare and more.  One of our entrepreneurs runs a school for girls.  Another trains youths, preserving ancient skills that are rapidly disappearing.  All are an important part of the business they do, driving development far beyond the products that they make and the jobs they create making our sustainable homewares sustainable in many more ways than one.

UnEarthed products are expressively designed to serve as regular reminders of nature’s raw beauty through vibrant and ethereal colors, textures, and forms. Each one is crafted meticulously by hand using the highest quality recycled and/or natural materials, including reclaimed teak and recycled glass. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind.  They are created to last.  AND when they do finally end their useful life they can be recycled, transformed or will bio-degrade naturally.