responsible solutions for bad feelings

the raw energy of herbs, flowers, plants and trees.  grown on small farms.  carefully processed to retain their purity.  by cooperatives and other producers who care about the people they work with the energy they have collectively harvested from the planet. the result is in the energy of the products.  and their effect on the body.  on the brain.  and on the planet.

At the Universe of Maya we only use suppliers that are deeply invested in their producers, respecting the communities they work in and the generations of traditional practices they bring to their craft.  This means economic development can occur in a sustainable manner.  By working directly with each farming community our suppliers can assess their individual needs and invest in training, certification, production and other costs that are critical in helping these communities get to the market.

We select the absolute best organic and wild-crafted botanicals, distilled locally and in small quantities and then blend these by hand.  Each of our blends have been carefully created and tested to complement ancient traditions for balancing energy.   By making all these efforts we can be certain that our Universe of Maya products come with the most powerful healing and balance energy that money can but with the emotional, and mental benefits that this entails.