At Moonstone and Sapphire, the visual forms that define our humanity are captured in all our designs. Harnessing the power of symbols and stones from cultures around the world, our accessories promote connections to tribal wisdom and mythical roots.


Like the designs themselves, our business is based on respect for the planet and for the villages and cooperatives we work with.  Our partnerships forge conflict-free, environmentally friendly relationships between miners and artisans in Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Australia, Sumatra and beyond.  We work closely with these groups, investing in the development of their businesses as well as the preservation of their livelihoods, working conditions and world class traditional skills.

Whole villages rely on workshops where these skills and the beautiful handmade art they create have been perfected over generations.  We look forward to working with them to build their communities in the years to come.

Throughout history, symbolically powerful shapes have been a vital aspect of cultural art. Many tribal artistic traditions use visually compelling symbols to mark identity, convey abstract concepts, or express cultural ideals. Symbols are often thought to contain sacred attributes that heighten awareness and intuition and incite divine protection. While some symbols are unique, others have emerged across a wide variety of cultural traditions, such as the cross and spiral.  These universal symbols are embedded with overlapping meanings that intersect across time and space, suggesting their power to intuitively connect us to a deeper knowledge of the human experience.

At Moonstone and Sapphire we appreciate the natural beauty of the finest gems and the precious artistry of handmade craftsmanship whilst connecting to our innate tribal nature and the root of our individual and collective humanity