really high quality organic cotton. the kind that gets better and better every time you wash it.  the one you keep forever.  and only lend to people you really like (or love).  don’t use a pound of pesticide to make a pound of cotton. pay employees properly.  be nice to your mum.  there.  that wasn’t that hard. positive energy everywhere.

In the face of climate change, the loss of biodiversity, and the depletion of natural resources, balancing human desires with the preservation of the planet poses one of the greatest challenges in human history. One of the biggest contributors to environmental degradation is conventional cotton production, which uses more chemicals per unit than any other crop and accounts for 25% of the world’s pesticides. The intensive use of pesticides degrades soil fertility, spreads toxic contaminants in rivers and groundwater, and results in millions of cases of pesticide poisoning per year. T-Shirts combat these problems by using organic cotton, which is grown through methods that create soil fertility and prevent pounds of insecticides and pesticides from entering the lungs of cotton farmers. Each T-shirt is carefully packaged in a practical biodegradable wrap that will disappear in 12-18 months on a normal compost heap.  Protecting the planet goes hand in hand with promoting people. We manufacture our T-shirts in small factories that create equitable employment opportunities for communities marginalized by the great t-shirt wars waging across the world as growers, manufacturers and buyers battle through tariffs and trade barriers to compete with each other.

At, we love people and the planet and are committed to protecting both with everything we do.  Our business is designed from the bottom up to create as much value as possible iwith everything we do from how these T-shirts are made to how they are packaged, marketed and delivered.  These Ts spread positive energy everywhere just by being made.