small scale farms.  organic training for farmers.  village based factories.  rural development. seriously responsible, sustainable and delicious taste sensations from around the world.

Every ingredient that makes up our Coco Loco products is natural and wherever possible also organic.  But the real positive energy in our products originates in the small rural villages where our artisanal producers provide jobs, homes, education and training to employees.  The ingredients for Coco Loco products are all gathered from small scale farms where our producers are deeply involved in working with farmers to increase their productivity whilst promoting organic practices and maintaining the highest international standards of production.

By creating these communities of small farms, small factories and small customers around the world these delicious products can be made by people who have learned critical principles of ecological, sustainable agriculture and manufacturing whilst ensuring a sustainable, responsible livelihood for themselves and economic power for their families and communities.  Together, we create real opportunities for people while bringing a wonderful new range of unique tastes to discerning customers around the world.

Coco Loco is a registered European Community trademark and available for sale throughout the EU.