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production studios

releasing the unbounded and often untapped creativity of people is at the heart of big love. we use the raw energy of the land itself and our combined talents to produce, dye, print, draw, design, make, dance, film, and generally engage in acts of spontaneous creation. the inspiration to dive in and make stuff happen is ongoing. our team and an incredible network of makers are here to help.

if you can dream it we can help you make it happen:









work experiences

ready to explore the road less travelled? throw yourself into the melee and experience the unlimited power of making, creating, collaborating, and producing when everyone matters.

work experience is not available in Bali during the pandemic but available in Edinburgh, and online. find our more here.










firmly planted in the mind-boggling nature and mesmerising beauty of the island of the gods:

organic living | nature retreat | creative practice

designed with the natural energy around it, here we retreat, reboot, restart, craft, create, or experiment with whatever we can imagine.

homestay is closed. please check back once the island of the gods has reopened.










village enterprise

Have an innovative grassroots idea for a better world based on your own experience? we’ve got funding, coaching, referrals, production, and more for people who are ready to make their ideas real.

send us an email with what you need:

what are you interested in? where are you (in your life and the world)? + links/ stuff you love. we respond to all enquiries.










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