make it happen

  • The reboot application experience is self directed and collaborative. Together we search for a fit through your application form and then a live conversation. You craft your dream reboot experience while we find a contribution for you to make to our current projects and campaigns. If the fit works you will be invited to join us. We try to keep the cost of reboot low. A variety of flexible experiences are available depending on our mutual needs. Whilst you will have to cover your room and board in the UK, these will be provided should you decide on the Bali option. Financial issues, what you will be working on, and where can all be discussed during the call. Bursaries and scholarships are available.
  • Join the team on a quest to launch immersive experiences, campaigns, and micro-enterprises. Inspire people to discover, learn, and cultivate the skills they need to be part of a new earth rising.
  • Why would this experience work for you? What's motivating you? Anything you want to share about why you would like to join this effort - share here.
  • Tell us a little bit more about your loves, your thing, your you. Is there a thought in your head that you just can't get a hold of? Do you like working with your hands? Is there a part of the world that annoys you? or that you want to fix? Any and all answers are cool with us. Let us figure it out from there.
  • Samples of writing, photography, graphic design, videos of theatre work or anything else that helps us to understand your magic can be uploaded here
  • Share writing samples, videos, or links to online portfolio, social media you create or anything else you do that you'd like to share