make stuff happen




organic. intuitive. circular. sustainable. creative.

living. working. being.

inside every human there is a seed of something truly awesome. imagine what it would be like when everyone is being who they are and doing what they love.


We make collaborative learning experiences about the power of us.  natural talents. hidden superpowers. seriously funny jokes.  and life-changing experiences for everyone involved. We have only begun to scratch the surface of the  power we can access – as individuals and groups –  to be extraordinary.




During the pandemic we are working remotely but the energy we create together lives on. Discover a deeper, more meaningful and definitely more exhilarating way of living, working, and being.

be part of an energised and inspiring atmosphere as we embark on a wild ride of connected being and collaborative change.

Use your creative talents, superpowers, and intuition like you never have before.  Soar, fail, stumble, discover, and learn so, so much about yourself and your part while embracing our good humans skills and helping to create tons of positive energy for everyone involved.




reboot is open:  artists, scientists, theatre peeps – the learning galleries are ready to go.  listeners, explorers, and graphic designers – a voyage of self discovery is ready to depart.  communicators, writers, and make-it-happen peeps – our work shop is in startup mode. everyone else interested in a more human and sustainable world for everyone – get in touch. our experiences are flexible and remotely based till the pandemic has settled down.

to join the collaboration send an email with some deets or fill out this form. we’ll be in touch.

Over the last 10 years we have guided people from all over the world (U.S., the Basque Country, Greece, Latvia, Indonesia, Russia, France, Germany, Sri Lanka, Spain, the UK) as they dove into the deep of a more self directed, sustainable way of living and being. Whether you didn’t like your degree, are concerned about the planet, not sure what’s next, bored, or just plain lost, we look forward to welcoming you soon.






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