Our hands-on, immersive experiences are based at our startup hubs in Edinburgh, Scotland and Bali, Indonesia. Discover a deeper, more meaningful, way more fun way of living and being. Create something new. Embrace change.

Dive into a life-changing reboot

hand crafted launch pads for graduates, rat race refugees, mums, grandmas, and other curious cats 

Our immersive experiences are an innovative take on creating change in our lives and the world; be part of an energising community atmosphere as we welcome people who are ready to experience the wild ride of connected being and collaborative change. Use your natural talents, untapped dreams, creativity, and intuition like you never have before. Harness the power of oneness in your life and the world. You’ll soar, fail, stumble, discover, and learn so, so much about yourself and your part. Cut your teeth on our current efforts, or make your own.

The question is how?





deeper, more meaningful, more sustainable living requires different skills, perspectives and practices to the ones given to us by traditional education. 

connect to your you, unblock what’s in your way, and use all this energy to get on your very unique, awesome path, and on your way.  You’ll leave with a new sense of self and your part, the skills you need to tackle life in a rapidly changing world, and a network of resources, support, and other travellers to be part of for the rest of your life.

our experience is practical and personal. your way is the way. use it to harness your power and deploy it in your life and the world.

OUR work experiences are flexible based at our hubs in Bali, Indonesia and Edinburgh, Scotland OR remotely if you choose.

room and board, part scholarships and full bursaries are available depending on need.

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If you are a graphic designer, gardener, community artist, crafter, product designer, social media guru, project manager, or applied theatre maker you can join a making at our startup hub in Bali, Indonesia or beyond as we move.

This is our signature event held when needed.  Join us for more incredible inspiration than you will ever experience.  Meaningful projects.  New directions.  SO MUCH LOVE, art, and communal making.  Room, board, stipend, and visas included.  Our next event is summer 2020 in Bali, indonesia.  If you would like to apply:

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connect. enable. mobilise. guide.

At the new earth works we’ve taken the journey to the new earth ourselves. We know what it means to look for more and to find it. Over the last 10 years we have guided people from all over the world (U.S., the Basque Country, Greece, Latvia, Indonesia, Russia, France, Germany, Sri Lanka, Spain, the UK) as they dove into the deep of a more self directed, sustainable way of being. Whether you didn’t like your degree, are concerned about the planet, not sure what’s next, bored, or just plain lost, we look forward to welcoming you soon.