what will you fall for?

express your thing.

what do you bring?

what have you healed?

what will you contribute to changing, fixing, improving, or re-doing?

expressing your thing is a good way to figure out what it is. 

when it starts flowing one can feel it.  and when it’s not feeling one can feel that too.

speak your truth; find your voice; use your words;

video; smoke signals. words. or other expression of your unique – love – thang.

(if you have no idea our learning labs may be able to help – full of practices and exercises for connecting to more you in your life and the world)

we need seeds for this gallery. if you know your part or even have a kind of idea please speak it , write it, draw it, and contribute.  thanks! 


each of us is a tiny piece of life’s rich tapestry:  ours to fulfill.

what’s yours?

share your bit of the global love pie here