we are looking for multimedia artists to interpret oneness as inspiration for others

over 55% of us  and 71% of the earth is water.

through the water – this web of life – and the universal oneness – everything is connected.

many beliefs and practices are guided by this truth. each of us experience this interconnection in different ways.

how do you experience oneness in your life?

we’re collecting creative expressions, soundscapes, streams of consciousness, drawing, words, video, potato printing, graphs, and/or performance.

get your oneness on and please share below

water history

Baptism in the Jordan River

haiti saut d’eau


the mighty ganges

ancient oneness

tribal symbols express the same unity with the movement of the cosmos despite being separated by place and time

oneness with Ervin Laszlo

Expert in the intelligence of the cosmos - Ervin Laszlo is a founding father of systems thinking, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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