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is open for new creative, word-smithing, and other improvements.  if you would like to join our collaboration please apply below.

surf around in the big, beautiful web of life. grab some wow. a few new directions. and a taste of being part of something bigger to which we all belong. explore perspectives and ideas from a new world – one where all life matters – where individual expression is precious – and where US thrives.  use all that positive energy to get on your path towards something more beautiful, meaningful, and sustainable in your life and the world.


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more love. love everyone. love love love. beautiful love. go love. love matters. beyond love. life, love, & everything. love is all you need.


this page is open for contributions. if you love graphic design, naturecraft, film-making, words, community activism, promoting stuff,  research, wordpress, printing, craft or other creative endeavours please leave your details below. we will promote NEW artists and receive free membership, and our fee of gratitude.


come join us

we’ve got galleries to design. media to create. copy to write. and SO MUCH MORE.


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  • (promotions and marketing, free memberships, and/or small stipends will be available for contributions that are accepted)
  • (closest urban area please)
  • We look forward to welcoming you to play.

we look forward to welcoming you to play soon

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