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we were guided to this magical piece of Bali earth and instantly fell in love. learning to live in harmony with it was a choice we made to seek a more organic, aligned, and creative way of life for ourselves and anyone else who happened to drop by. monitor lizards, kingfishers, and various canines browse the perimeter. tropical flora give off intoxicating aromas and thousands of cicadas mark the beginning and end of the day. In the midst of this outrageous energy, and with the contributions of a wide variety of awesome humans, peace camp was born.





this summer we’re bringing a decade of making, experimenting, and voyaging back to life as we search for new paths through a changing world.

wild adventures have been planned and you’re invited:


 spread positive energy everywhere multimedia campaigns

more self awareness. self knowledge. and self direction. less anxiety, depression, loneliness, and dissatisfaction. the only question is how?

we’ve been learning from the many tribes and teachings that explore these topics and seeking new ways to spread this cognitive healing far and wide.

real impact comes from diving in: uncover your way to express this value potential as we design, launch, and share these life-changing practices with as many people as possible.


T-shires for kids




 theatre play

our immersive theatre work is about our good human skills, our humanity, and the exhilarating peace of some common ground. devise, perform. use your voice. experience effortless change. the ancient healing power of the theatre and its value to our ongoing evolution awaits.





learning by doing network

 more communal. equitable. responsible. circular. creative. and inclusive. projects. ways of doing things. new startup ideas and more in the communities we serve. join a collaboration like no other. find your part in the web of life that connects us all. help others to do the same.






food sharing

harmony. generosity. and communion come together as we take turns making healthy nourishment for mind and soul. we grow things. gather things. and cook them. we trade ideas and traditions, snack fiercely and make jam. we design feasts. we share. we love. this is food at peace camp.

collaborative making

how we do things matters. we are self directed. we work closely together. we make things by hand. we dye, print, and create. we celebrate the energy of making and the good human skills we can cultivate as we go. beyond money at all costs, we lay the foundation for new ways of working and being that are better for people and planet.







pic by Sarah Ball; sarahb.co

our handmade retreat and the mesmerising natural beauty of rural Bali awaits.  ready to experiment, try, make, create, heal, and explore?  the very seriously powerful energy of life itself and the many ways to live, work, connect, share, and be that are imbedded inside it are waiting and

you’re invited

(join our communal effort to uncover new directions and share far and wide)

 pics also by Sarah Ball; sarahb.co
(or if you would rather help revise, counsel or partner)

peace camp is a non-monetary, skill sharing initiative. needs based bursaries are available on a sliding scale.  our work is 100% not for profit.  please contact us if you need to learn more.