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When we discovered this magical piece of earth we instantly fell in love. Learning to live in harmony with it was a choice we made to seek a more organic, aligned, and creative way of life for ourselves and anyone else who happened to drop by. Monitor lizards, Bali canines, and various bugs prowl the perimeter. Tropical flora give off intoxicating aromas and thousands of cicadas mark the beginning and the end of the day. In the midst of this outrageous energy and in slow and tiny steps, peace camp was born.

Inspired by the power of the earth on which it stands, and in harmony with the organic world that is all around, we explore  what it means to be human and search for better ways to work, create, connect, share, and be.

people who value humans and feel drawn to contribute to the ongoing evolution of our potential are invited to register their interest here.

our experiences are not-for-profit, financed by skill swap, sharing, village enterprise, and other contributions from ourselves, each other, and the communities we serve.







making studios

we design, dye, print, draw, dance, and generally engage in acts of spontaneous making.

radical self love labs

our immersive installation is a voyage of self discovery that evolves with the contributions of many who have interacted with it’s collective energy.

more self love and self knowledge. and the opportunity to spread all that positive energy everywhere.






we make healthy nourishment together. we grow things. gather things. and cook them. we trade ideas and traditions, snack fiercely and make jam. we design feasts. we share. this is food at peace camp.


Peace Camp is set between a small river, a small forest, and working rice fields. It is easy to feel the constant movement of life that teems all around us. In partnership with this force we learn how to create, make, listen, and learn.


we very seriously love creating experimental theatre, hands-on making events, and immersive learning by doing productions to share with our fellow awakening humans. you can see some of our past work



In collaboration with an outrageously talented network of artisans we mock up, craft, design, and experiment with new products, ideas, and ways of making and living that are better than the one size fits all system we left behind.










be part of it

ready to experience cooperative learning by doing? throw yourself into the melee of a live creative production. join our hive mind and keep our not for profit adventures open to all. .

this experience requires a min 6 week commitment. you can find out more here.


we have a few rooms for retreating guests. here we rejuvenate, reboot, restart, and enable others to do the same.

organic living | extreme nature | creative practice

you can find out more about retreating at biglove here. to book a space just send an email with your details/questions:

please note: our canteen offers food sharing or kitchen access. because of the intense energy, alcohol is not consumed onsite. if you drink we can recommend many beautiful properties that can accommodate your needs.