connect to your you, find your voice, and uncover your power in your life and the world #mindfulbeing #betterworld

We spent 15 years experimenting with the possibilities of life beyond study, work, shop, die.  What we found was an unending reservoir of untapped potential hidden inside every one of us and the possibility of harnessing this extraordinary energy as a force in our lives and on the planet.

Reveal. Unblock. Reboot. Releasing the energy of you is the real adventure of life.

The question is how?





Go beyond as you travel through your own adventure into the unknown parts of you.  Explore your self in new surroundings.  Uncover new practices and perspectives.  Grab some seriously useful self knowledge and some very helpful positive energy and use all this power in your life and your world. Find your way to new being in your life and the world.  Learn by doing.  Choose your path. Take the first step. Your way is the way.

Got that feeling that something’s missing? Feeling lost or disconnected? Wondering where you belong?  Dive into a carefullly curated collection of self directed questions, ideas, tools, and reclaim your power for yourself and everyone.

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Then from those profound slumbers we awake in a dawn, not knowing who we are, being nobody, newly born, ready for anything, the brain emptied of that past which was life until then.

Marcel Proust (Sodom and Gomorrah)