the trees have a lot to say and are excellent sources of creativity.

harness your inner tree and connect to the powerful energy of interconnection with some tree making.

channel some writing. do something visual (sketch, photograph, print, fingerpaint). select a favourite quote. (ideas below)

mix things up.  If you are inspired by moving images, add them to the gorgeous sounds of our resident sound genius Sultanare. you’ll find some of his awesome soundscapes below.

write some words or choose some facts and an image and send them to us. our in-house graphic peeps can combine them into something cool.  every view of the forest is encoded with a different message from the trees. yours matters.  

submit your work plus bio/info/links or other stuff to include in your makers gallery profile:

(all submissions will be featured in our online gallery.  artists will be able to promote themselves and their work and will receive free founder membership. in addition, work will also be selected for further promotion and exhibition at our live events.)

questions, concerns, and comments? feel free to get in touch:




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