mesmerising multimedia makings

the oneness is looking for film makers, soundscape artists, musicians, third culture kids, theatre makers, multicultural beings, and make it happen peeps:

take an exhilarating expedition to the heart of oneness and the interconnection of all living things

(what happens when we work with this powerful energy in our lives and the world?)







we’re experimenting with every form of expression and media to explore the root of life, love, and the something bigger to which we all belong.

weekly meetups. live and online collaborations. community. communal making. and delicious snacks.

flow on. grow on. move. change. and have so much fun as we share our communal makings far and wide




applications are now open.  bring your creative skills, new perspectives, and willingness to try something new.

join the expedition here:

  • we're a big fan of live communication. If you are too, drop your number, whatsapp, or skype name. we'd love to reach out.
  • to portfolios, websites, socials, interesting things you've done, or back of the envelope sketches
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