(beyond the global industrial machine we built that separated us from ourselves, each other, and the earth)


there is something bigger to which we all belong





this seriously awesome multi-dimensional web of life is a mind-blowing collection of energies that morph effortlessly as it enables, sustains, and maximises life for everyone involved. 

water connects. sound heals. mother earth nourishes. the root is a marvellous, mathematical interconnection of all things. many of the challenges we face can be addressed with a little more communion with this potential




we’re on a serious journey to uncover new ways to experience multi-dimensional interconnectedness, and spread this positive energy everywhere.

less anxiety, fear, and hopelessness. more safety, belonging, and dignity. with the benefit of this interdependent wisdom much about how we live can heal and evolve exponentially.


graphic designers, writers, theatremakers, scientists, video makers, illustrators, nature lovers, animators, communicators, spoken word poets, media peeps, ecologists, and interested others, our multimedia oneness collective needs you.

we’re taking a trip to the something bigger and spreading the peace, love, and wow far and wide

what does this something bigger to which we all belong mean for life, us, and our humanity? stuff to learn, collaborative making, a decent amount of fun, opportunities for connection, healing, support, and general tomfoolery included. the journey back to life






Come with me on a journey

To the source of the creative power of all nature and the inspiration of all art

Where tiny seashells, feather light ferns, and gigantic galaxies all spiral in graceful union

And rivers, arteries, crystals, neurons and trees all replicate themselves with remarkable symmetry

Where Shakespeare sees there is much ado about nothing, Yo Yo Ma plays his cello and Klimt discovers gold

Termites build architectural masterpieces. Networks generate themselves with mysterious mathematical regularity.

And the same wave patterns made by wind in the sand are found in the movement of electrons and the illuminating dance of light on earth.