(to which we all belong)





I AM the oneness of all there is.
Come with me on a journey to the source of the creative power of all nature and the inspiration for all art.

where tiny seashells, feather light ferns, and gigantic galaxies all spiral in graceful union and rivers, arteries, crystals, neurons, and trees all replicate themselves with remarkable symmetry.

where Shakespeare sees there is much ado about nothing, Yo Yo Ma plays his cello, and Klimt discovers gold

termites build architectural masterpieces. networks generate themselves with mysterious mathematical regularity.

and the same wave patterns made by wind in the sand are found in the movement of electrons and the illuminating dance of life on earth.




advances in physics, biology, and rocket science means we are now pretty certain that every living thing is connected to every other living this. this gigantic, morphing, energy of oneness is a magical, something bigger to which we all belong.

each of us can connect to this energy and express this magic in our lives in different ways. what we put into this web of wonder is what we get out.

dive in and find out how the interconnection of all living things connects to you: