we are all about the raw and largely untapped power of people and the many acts of collective beauty of all shapes and sizes that are possible from this unending reservoir of pure human energy. It’s a serious trip.

our dream is a world where everyone’s basic human needs are met and everyone who wants to has the opportunity to contribute their part to the masterpiece called life.

we use nature, the creative arts, responsible economics, and loads of experiments, to learn how best to harness and deploy this precious, untapped potential as a force for good in our lives and the world.


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Artist activist. Dog lover. Nomad. Professional sleeper. Grew up in Paris, Scotland, Bali.  International and home schooled. Passionate about theatre-making; global citizenship; multimedia production; social transformation, and everything about the natural world.

B.A. first class honours graduate Central St. Martins.

Canadian. British. Sri Lankan. Lifelong student of human potential, organic transformation,  global citizenship, and creative production.  

Previously Toronto, London, Boston, Hong Kong, Paris, Bali, Edinburgh; Bain & Co., MIT Sloan, LSE.  Mum to Fin, Caelin, and Maya. 


huge shout out to:

Kathryn Driscoll | Sara Mononen | Sarah Ball  | Rebecca Penrose  | Elena Rizal  | Naomi Solomon  | Anna Healey  | Fin Ross Russell | Yana Tumakova  | Saerah Suyasa  | Georgina Massouraki  | Chris Silver  | Sarah Goldsmith  | Nuria Boj  | Juan Jose Avila Sanchez  | Effie Pechlivani  | Sergio Lopez Cerron  | Neus Ramos Munne  | Maider Ibarra Rodriguez | Songze Wu  | Aiva Storostnieka  | Ane Arenaza  | Naia Arias Larreategui | Amaia Larranaga | Manuel Loeffler | Pauline Millet | Irati Andono | Radina Atanasova | Sarya Wu | Ruthelise Snowe | Heeyoung Park  | Bettina Van Meter

and to the thousands of brave, open minded people from all over the world who have taken the time to talk, help, create things, correct things, attend our events, join a performance, and contribute so much to our experiments and the insights they have uncovered.


Our ideas are based on the  ancient wisdom of nature, the power of business, and the untapped potential of people to make things better for all of us.

This potential starts from within – our connection to ourselves, each other, and the earth.  We promote many ways to increase this connection based on practices taken from 2000 years of ancient wisdom and 100 years of alternative learning.

Grounded in these connections we revisited the possibilities of business as a force for good in the world.

Our focus is what is needed to turn our perpetually growing, one-size-fits-all, profit at all costs way of doing things that unsustainably benefits a few into a more circular, self-regulating one, that could enable more people to pursue their passions, be good custodians of the earth, and contribute to a world that works for everyone.

To enable this magic, our structure is flexible. The people and companies we work with ebb and flow at will.  Our good human skills drive our culture.

We combine our uniquely individual talents with our connection to the something-bigger-than-ourselves to which we all belong.

This is our contribution to the possibility of all of us having what we each need to survive and thrive on this magnificent planet.

The time is now for making this happen for all of us.  Some of us will contribute more to this endeavour and others less.  Some will find the entire idea of the need for this change to be entirely irrelevant.  What matters is the choice. All efforts count.  We look forward to welcoming you to ours.




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