beyond the world of one size fits all, mass production, climate change, and inequality. after plastic, populism, poverty, and rubbish politics. hidden beneath the stuff that’s not working. after the anger, helplessness, and frustration. underneath. beyond.

there is a root. a tiny truth. something secret. the seeds of the future. a new place to start. we can find it. join us and find out how.




discover your different. your unique. your perspective. your voice. and your part in a

new earth rising






create. reflect. express. uncover.

we meet once a month to share, explore, eat biscuits and make stuff happen in our lives and the world. get togethers are positive, inclusive, interactive, and inspiring. we use our creative energy as a force for good, exchange perspectives, and craft the future.  contribute as much or as little as you wish.  

we are us. us matters. I am us. be us. you are us. go us.

 join us.





In Edinburgh? to join our get together contact us here 

Further afield and ready to get together near you? please leave your deets here and we will be in touch.







It’s going to be all right, sir,” Harry said over and over again, more worried by Dumbledore’s silence than he had been by his weakened voice. “We’re nearly there … I can apparate us both back … don’t worry …”
“I am not worried, Harry,” said Dumbledore, his voice a little stronger despite the freezing water. “I am with you.”

J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince)