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hand crafted launch pads for graduates, rat race refugees, mums, grandmas, and other curious cats 

Life has become a one size fits all race to the top that only a few will ever win.  The rest of us are overrun by the fumes of our burning fossil fuels and overcome by the complexity of it all.  The good news is that evolution is upon us and the only way is up.  Deeper ways of living, a more real life experience and new ways to tackle the challenges of our collective future mean many exciting new directions are there for the taking.

The question is how?

Reboot is a 3-6 month hands-on immersive experience like no other based at our rural creative studios in Bali, Indonesia or our urban startup hub in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Bottom line? This new life is different from the one for which our traditional education prepared us. We need new mindsets, new skills, and new ways of doing things.  Through trial, error, workshops, experiments, and discussions with 1000’s of people around the world we allowed these new skills and perspectives to emerge.  The result is reBOOT.

ReBOOT enables you to connect to your you, unblock what’s in your way, and use all this energy to get on your path, and on your way.  You’ll leave with a new sense of self and your part, the skills you need to tackle life in a rapidly changing world, and a network of resources, support, and other travellers to be part of for the rest of your life.

Explore your self in new surroundings. Remove what’s stuck. Discover some stuff about yourself that you absolutely need to know. Get connected.

Take the first step. Your way is the way. Use it to harness your power and deploy it in your life and the world.





our experience is practical and action based

Get the skills you need to connect to and bring more you to your life and our changing world. Cultivate your intuition. Get some hands-on learning and the extreme sense of knowingness that comes with it. Create something from nothing. Find your own way free of constraints and shoulds as you journey to something real, you and new in your life and the world. Like all good trip guides we’re here to help you get on your path and provide you with the support you need to stay on it.

learn by doing | take the road less travelled | reclaim your power | and be the change in your life and the world

Our experiences are 100% customised. Join one of our existing projects or start a new one. Go solo or be part of something bigger.  Get into the drivers seat. Discover your letting it happen, learn by doing skills. Find your voice.

Generous scholarships and bursaries available.

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If you are a graphic designer, gardener, community artist, crafter, social media guru, project manager, or applied theatre maker you can apply for a residency reBOOT at our retreat and social enterprise hub in Bali, Indonesia.

Incredible inspiration.  Meaningful projects.  New directions.  Dive in. See what happens. Room, board, stipend, and visas included.

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One thing about the old world is certain. Our one size fits all education is all about writing exams, competing with each other, and doing what we were told. And the reasons why we did all this weren’t completely clear or true.

connect. enable. mobilise. guide.

At the new earth works we’ve taken the journey to the new earth ourselves. We know what it means to look for more and to find it. Over the last 10 years we have guided people from all over the world (U.S., the Basque Country, Indonesia, Russia, France, Germany, Sri Lanka, Spain, the UK) as they dove into the deep of a more self directed, sustainable way of being. Whether you didn’t like your degree, are concerned about the planet, not sure what’s next, bored, or just plain lost, we look forward to welcoming you soon.