Stuff from the past can eat your power.

We employ strange habits and  complex strategies to avoid and ignore.  Over time these things become imbedded in our psyche sucking our power, disturbing the peace, and randomly disrupting everyday life.

Don’t let the mistakes of the past destroy all the potential awesome of now.

Are you secretly or not so secretly kind of or very angry about something?
Is there something in your life that you are irrationally afraid of?
Are there things you really want to do that you don’t do
because you are scared to do them?
Do you still feel shame or sadness about something that happened a long time ago?
Did something happen that made you feel humiliated?

Better out than in.

If this is a serious problem that makes you feel very off balanced seek professional help. Otherwise a DIY job will do.
Confront it. Look at it. Talk about it.

Do only what you can. Eat bite sized chunks. Take your time.  Absolutely seek help if you need it but ultimately it will be you that faces it.  And if you can find the courage to face even a little bit the benefits are endless.

Do what it takes to process the bad stuff and get it out of your system.

Face the pain. Eat it. Learn from it.  Clean out those closets. Heal yourself. Forgive.

        Move on.

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