What unique differences make you you?

There is something life needs from you. That life is asking you to give with your one of a kind blend of powers, loves, talents,and peculiarities. It’s what we’re all looking for: the expression of this difference. Let it out it and watch as it connects you to something so much bigger than yourself and that amazing feeling of exhilaration that comes with being in the flow.

Life is about expressing your peculiar, those passions, your you and how you unfold.


The method of question and answer used below often leads to many insights and revelations.  Take a breath and give your self a moment to connect to your self. Try not to think the answers. Instead allow whatever comes to mind. Answer only the ones you want to and answer in any way you like – video. words. drawings – photography. As you learn more come back, review and renew.
When you click the save button your answers are saved so you can revise and revisit them as your journey continues. Nevertheless, and despite our best efforts, nothing on the internet is ever totally private. We recommend refraining from including any truly sensitive information on these forms. If you wish to explore deeply personal issues here may we suggest doing so in a journal.
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There lurks, perhaps, in every human heart a desire of distinction, which inclines every man first to hope, and then to believe, that Nature has given him something peculiar to himself.
Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) poet, writer, politician