Touch the moment

Touch is our oldest, most primitive and pervasive sense. It’s the first sense we experience in the womb and the last one we lose before death. And our skin, which has about 50 touch receptors for every square centimeter and about 5 million sensory cells overall loves to be touched.  The organ that is most associated with touch is the skin.  The skin is one of the bodies largest and most complex organs.

We are born with an intense skin hunger. Babies have a deep need for touch and if not forthcoming, development ceases. Touch is a need that we never outgrow and that has physiological effects on our biochemical and bio-energetic systems. Brain wave activity is increased resulting in increased alertness. The amount of insulin needed in diabetics is reduced, hormone levels increase and sleep patterns are enhanced.

The activity of the billions of nerve cells in the brain and the central and peripheral nerve systems are all highly electric in nature and all have their grounding points in the skin. It is not surprising then, that throughout history touch has been used liberally for stress release, grounding, and re-connection.

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