Throughout the ages chanting, singing and rhythm have connected and grounded through sound. The ancients understood these qualities of sound and vibration. Sound was regarded as sacred, and music as a microcosm of the order of the universe, reflecting the harmonious movement of the heavenly bodies. Sound was seen to be the way to the ultimate perfect silence at the heart of everything. Pythagoras believed that each sound had a specific numerical vibration and taught his students to transform emotions of worry, fear, sorrow and anger through singing and playing music.

During the 1930’s, a Swiss researcher found that sound could create specific shapes. By vibrating sands, powders and liquids on metal discs while playing different music the substances formed complex geometric shapes such as snowflakes and honeycombs. When he chanted OHM into a special instrument that vibrates a plate of sand, it created a circle and then a mandala pattern.

Certain rhythms and tones attune the brain to more subtle sounds on higher levels, since only a small proportion of the vibrations of the universe can be heard by the human ear. This we now understand scientifically happens through increased synapses between the left and right brain and the resulting integrated functioning. By listening to certain types of music it was said the soul would move closer to harmony and finally unity with the movement of the universe, ‘the sound of silence’ and ultimately the true voice of itself.