Despite it’s rather major importance to life it turns out we aren’t very good at breathing.   Most people do not breathe properly.  Surprising.  But true. And the easiest way to ground is to BREATHE.


Breathe in and feel the breath pass through your nostrils and linger a while before it is gently released.

Breathe in and fill your chest completely with air.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.

Need a little extra strength? Your diaphragm is a group of muscles separating your chest from your abdomen. As you inhale lift these muscles towards your chest while at the same time pushing the organs of your abdomen toward your spine. Hold. Breathe out. Repeat for 1 or 2 minutes.  You may feel heat or warmth as the energy is released.  Be strong.

Breathe in all the way to your belly.  This is called belly breathing. Great for sore stomachs and butterflies.  Lie on your back on a  yoga mat, carpet, or rug.  Use your breathe to fill your belly full of air.  Then watch it gently fall as you inhale.  Repeat slowly.

And best for last – Feel the earth under your feet.  Breath from your feet all the way to your chest.  Fill your chest with the earth.  Exhale. Repeat.


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