Everything is connected through waves of energy

We are all psychic surfers. Feeling the energy inside us and all around us keeps everything moving.  All feelings have value and purpose. Acknowledging them and using them to our benefit is what matters. check out the evidence here.
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Align your inner life and your outer one

Use your good human skills to explore your feelings, rebalance, and stay that way.  Also spectacularly effective (try doing one a day) for attracting some positive energy when you need it most:
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Feeling good? Positive thoughts are next. Expanded vision. Cool ideas. New directions. Constructive, encouraging, crazy energy is lifting everything upwards and taking you with it (don’t forget to stay grounded).

Dance it out

The energy is constantly in motion in our bodies and in the world. Dancing aligns these two, keeping them in balance and allowing things to move.  Crank up the tunes.  In addition to getting back into flow dancing increases cognitive function and creativity, and decreases the risk of dementia.

Bad feeling? Get cracking. Precious insight is inside. Something is trying to tell you something. Don’t run away. Own the moment. Wait for the lesson. Then push on through.




Transform conflict

The energy of everything is constantly changing and as it does it creates subtle friction and all out collision. Conflict, and the bad feelings that accompany it, are inevitable. These moments are a guide to what needs attention –  stuff that needs to be sorted out – energy that is out of balance and often literally screaming for re-alignment.

There is meaning in conflict. It guides us towards ourselves, inspiring us to transform and evolve. It’s how we handle these challenges that makes the difference.

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In every crisis bear in mind the examples of those who in similar circumstances lost control of themselves, were taken by surprise, or complained bitterly. Where did their actions get them? no where. Do you want to end up in the same place? Why not leave these emotional outbursts to those who are controlled or distracted by them. Concentrate instead on taking advantage of the crisis, using it as raw material with which to build something beautiful and good.
Marcus Aurelius (121-180 AD) Emperor of Rome