if you want to change the world

change yourself





beyond the world of one size fits all, mass production, and economies of scale. after plastic, populism, and poverty. hidden beneath our fears, all the stuff that’s not working, and our darkness. underneath. deep. below.  we return to the root. the stuff we always secretly knew. our organic nature. and our natural ability to channel all this energy into our lives and everywhere.




Return to the root. What makes you different, your unique perspective, your voice, and your part in a

new earth rising

Self direct your way to your ground, your power, and so much more.

communal connection.  soul evolution.  creative trip.






connect. reflect. express. uncover.


Our live event combines performance, immersive installations, and some crazy collaboration to create a life-changing experience like no other.
The magic is in the making. If you would like to be a part of it’s unfolding please get in touch here






upcoming events & workshops

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