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throughout time, writers, artists, and road less travellers have embarked journeys of self discovery.

with their experiences as a starting point, a new voyage has been planned and you’re invited.

our hands on, interactive adventure about self knowledge, self awareness, and self love (your way) is ready to depart.


a creative, grassroots public service campaign for US

create your own creative journey. express your you. use your words.  film. design. dance. act. speak. cultivate some good vibes. share your superpowers. spread this precious collaboration far and wide.  applications open now.




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smash up your skills with like-minded creative cats, word people, and social media superheroes.   explore new ways to transform ourselves and help others to do the same. the power of self knowledge, resilience, and radical self love await.  not to mention some out of this world creative collaboration and other fancy stuff.

our magical voyage is ready to depart. sound interesting? share a few deets and we’ll be in touch.




dandelion photography by Ryan Hagerty via Wikimedia-Commons