new growth

trees. take some creativity with some of our collection of words or visuals. If your inspired by the words, make a still representation (feel free to include the text in the image if not, we’ll put them side by side for you). Maybe the visuals are stimulating your creativity, then write something.

did you know that trees speak to eachother?





send in your writing about trees, poetry, quotes, thoughts or something visual (sketch, photography, painting, print, fingerpaint) on the topic of trees.

if selected, submissions will be featured in our online galleries. artists will be able to promote themselves and their work and will receive a one year free membership and a gift from our collection. in addition, submissions selected for our other productions will receive a further honorarium and become a member of our ongoing oneness collective. questions, concerns, and commments? feel free to get in touch: we look forward to collaborating with you.