we were guided to this magical piece of Bali earth and instantly fell in love. learning to live in harmony with it was a choice we made to seek a more organic, aligned, and creative way of life for ourselves and anyone else who happened to drop by. monitor lizards, kingfishers, and various canines browse the perimeter. tropical flora give off intoxicating aromas and thousands of cicadas mark the beginning and end of the day. In the midst of this outrageous energy, and with the contributions of a wide variety of awesome young people from all over the world, big love was born.






new directions

generosity. communion, and conflict transformation come together as we take turns making healthy nourishment for mind and soul. we grow things. gather things. and cook them. we trade ideas and traditions, collaborate fiercely and work with our hands. we create, try, design, and love. this energy is the root of nourishment, new directions, and transformation at big love.

learning by doing

less thinking. more trying. experimenting. failing. revising. and redoing. we are self directed learners working closely together to uncover new ways to channel our part of the earth on which we live. we make things by hand. cooperate. problem solve. and cultivate as we celebrate the largely untapped power of our good human skills and the beauty of the energy of the universe that is all around us. beyond money at all costs, there are so many new ways of working and being that are better for people and planet.


 from the ground up

we take our direction from the earth herself and the very customised support and guidance she provides to so many different kinds of life – all able to be who they are and live in synchronicity with the something bigger to which we all belong.  this more grounded and simple perspective is about exploring what’s already inside and allowing it to germinate and grow organically, from the ground up.

being and learning by doing way in this way is at the heart of big love and makes for a much more exhilarating way to make, share, and grow in synchronicity with the magic of life itself.


T-shires for kids




 spread positive energy everywhere

from a deep dive into nature herself and, well, physics, we now know that everything’s connected. we make interactive theatre events that conjure this actual nature of nature and our place in it.  write. express. craft. use your voice. interconnection, interdependence, and the very real flow of this positive energy awaits to be cultivated and shared far and wide.








be the tree

 more communal. equitable. responsible. circular. creative. and inclusive.

we’ve taken a page for from the highly successful tree to germinate loads of new growth in the communities we serve. join a collaboration like no other as we learn how to be the tree from the ground up. grab some self knowledge. ground yourself. find your part.

reclaim the skills lost to the one size fits all world and use them to create something new and help others to do the same. tree school is open.














pic by Sarah Ball; sarahb.co

our handmade learning by doing adventures and the truly mind-blowing, natural beauty of rural Bali awaits.  ready to experiment, try, make, create, heal, and explore like never before?  the very seriously powerful energy of life itself and the many ways to live, work, connect, share, and love that are imbedded inside it are waiting and

you’re invited

(bring your love for making stuff, building, food, improv, organic gardening, graphic design, painting, communication, crafting, video, healing, and the road less travelled)

 pics also by Sarah Ball; sarahb.co

(or if you would rather help revise, devise, edit, mentor, or partner)

big love is a non-monetary, community initiative. needs based bursaries are available on a sliding scale.  our work is 100% not for profit.  reach out and chat.  ask. suggest. we are human being powered. we rarely bite and we look forward to hearing from you.